My name is Karl Lundholm. I was born and raised in Gothenburg, located on the west coast of Sweden. I have always enjoyed being close to the water. I am also a big fan of the sun, but we don’t get to see that one a lot around here. That’s why I on my way to Australia, which offers both parts. I graduated upper secondary media school in mid 2002. Since then I have been working as a Graphic Artist, Digital Asset Manager and Photo Retoucher. 

For the past six years I’ve spent much time on travelling. Because discovering new places gives me new energy. It also boosts my creativity, which is why my interest in photography has evolved during this time. I love photography as a kind of art expression. Photography also goes hand-in-hand with my profession as a Photo Retoucher. Being able to work with the things I’m passionate about is important for me, as it really makes me happy.

Currently I work as a freelance photo retoucher and to see my work there visit


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Nikon Asia

Lifestyle and nature photographer Kalle Lundholm, has always enjoyed being close to the water,
his latest under water adventure brought him to the surfs of Philippines and Thailand.
This Swedish native loves capturing the entire surf lifestyle and continues to push the boundaries of
photography both above and below the water. His passion for traveling and his love of photography has
kept him producing refreshing photos that give an out-of-the-norm experience.


There’s surf photography, and then there’s Karl Lundholm‘s photographs.
The Swedish photographer somehow incorporates the sport of surfing into his underwater photography
to come up with what feels like a whole new genre of image-making that will leave you asking, “how’d he do that?”

"Far from the heavenly beaches and surf paradises of Hawaii or Bali, 
Karl “Kalle” Lundholm was born and raised in Gothenburg, on the West coast of Sweden . . ."

"I recently had a chat with ocean and travel photographer, Kalle Lundholm, about his photography. 
When I saw his work for the first time it immediately hit home with me, as I also have a massive love for the ocean."

"When looking at lifestyle & nature photographer Karl Lundholm’s portfolio,
one wouldn’t imagine that he’s originally from Sweden. His sun drenched images of surfers
in their natural habitats and cinematic underwater photographs conjure up a serious desire
to dive into the nearest body of water. Karl let’s us in on a few tips on how he gets those killer shots,
where some of his favourite places to get wet are and why he’s so passionate about underwater photography."

"It all started with a Google search: “the best surf in The Philippines.” 
Having just come off the high of shooting waves in Australia, Swedish photographer and
Offset artist Karl Lundholm wanted to make one last stop on his way home. 
One place kept coming up in his search, and the more he learned, the more he yearned to visit the island of Siargao."

"Through the Ocean’s-Eye Lens of Kalle. Kalle Lundholm is a passionate ocean lover, 
world traveler, and talented photographer from the west coast of Sweden. 
Living full time in the sun barren country of Sweden was not conducive to Kalle’s thirst for sun and waves. 
He broke free from the cold and headed to the sunny land of Australia for a year with his girlfriend, which is where he truly began shooting from the water."